Finding Joy: July 2021

Virtual therapy works! Victoria’s continued progress is proof that this viable alternative helps therapists deliver a path and a plan for each child to thrive! With the guidance of her speech therapist Heather, Victoria's working successfully throughout the pandemic accessing online smiling toddler girl with cochlear implantsspeech therapy appointments. They recently were able to connect and Victoria had her first in-person session since the pandemic emerged - with loads of giggles, smiles (behind masks) and words! It's thanks to community generosity that Victoria is reaching speech therapy goals and milestones! Read about Victoria's progress so far.

Bursary Recipients for 2021! For Mathew, Alexandria and Meet KidsAbility alumni who determined to achieve their education goals this fall since being awarded our unique post-secondary bursaries. Read their stories here. 

Hellos and farewells. This June, we welcomed Kate Durdan to the role of Foundation Board Chair and five new Board members as leadership volunteers to merge their strengths, talents and passions for the mission of KidsAbility Foundation: Alex Kinsella, Shankha Bhattacharyya, Todd Aitchison, Suk Bedi, Eric Strassburger, and Peter Haney (ex-officio member), Chair of the KidsAbility Board. Our best wishes are extended to retiring board members Mardi Witzel, Karen Grogan, Leigh Grant, and Leanne Nullmeyer whose guidance and dedicated leadership have so generously informed our past decisions. Get to know our new KidsAbility Foundation Board members.