Equipment Services


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Equipment Services


New Equipment

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Seating and Mobility Services at KidsAbility provide assessments and recommendations for equipment that would be beneficial to clients.


You may find it helpful to network with other parents who have prior experience with equipment and may have used a specific piece of equipment that is being recommended. For more information contact Waterloo Region Family Network (WRFN) at


Donations of Used Equipment

KidsAbility is very grateful to benefit from the generosity of our community. Throughout the year, KidsAbility is approached by individuals and families wishing to donate used, or sometimes new, therapy equipment. Although we sincerely appreciate this gesture, due to storage restrictions and safety risks, KidsAbility is only able to accept a very limited amount of donations of used, or new, therapy equipment. 


We cannot accept the following items:

  • Any used equipment that is more than three years old with the exception of communication devices
  • Car seats
  • Power wheelchairs, wheelchairs over 16" wide, chrome wheelchairs
  • Seating systems for a wheelchair that have been custom made for an individual
  • Hygienic aids/equipment or anything used in a washroom
  • Items that have had been recalled by the manufacturer
  • Items that are related to breast feeding
  • Items used by mouth- i.e. cups, bottles, etc...
  • Hospital beds, infusion pumps and items related to G-tube feedings.
  • Computers, printers etc. 


Brochure - Donations of Used Equipment to KidsAbility 


Recreation Equipment Loan

Therapeutic Recreation Services operates an equipment loan service to support your child in their recreational activity. This equipment is available for loan on either a short term or longer term basis. To access a piece of equipment, contact your Recreation Therapist who can help you select appropriate equipment, and assist with adaptations if necessary.