School Years Meal Time Skills Clinic

This clinic is an opportunity to meet with an occupational Therapist (OT) to address food selectivity (picky eating) and problem eating.  The goal is to provide consultation to families who are facing mealtime struggles related to their child’s narrow diet. 

Some examples of questions/concerns you may have for the OT:

  • Your child has eliminated one or more entire food groups
  • Insists foods be prepared a certain way, and becomes very upset if the food is different from the way it is usually given to them (i.e. will only eat certain brands, flavors, shapes, or colors)
  • Gags or throws up at the sight, smell, or taste of certain foods
  • Your child has meltdowns when they are encouraged to eat or interact with a new food or one they do not typically eat
  • You believe your child would refuse to eat before they actually ate a new or different food
  • Unable to eat foods in social settings like birthday parties and sleepovers because they must have their food prepared in a certain way

What to Expect: 

  • Observations of your child’s needs, skills, and abilities
  • Ideas, tips, and strategies that support the family in proceeding with a home feeding program
  • Resources and information regarding how to promote feeding skills
  • Community resources and other professionals/ services that may be helpful for your child, as applicable
  • Family will be asked to bring a variety of foods: one the child eats, one the child used to eat and no longer eats, and one new food, as well as the child’s regular cup or bowl/plate (if the child is specific about what they eat off of, otherwise cutlery and plates are available)


Please Note: No nut products are allowed on the premises


How to Access:


  • Contact your KidsAbililty therapist 
  • Contact Intake at 1-888-372-2259, Ext. 1214