ACS Referrals

New Referrals

Face-to-Face Communication

Written Communication

After the Form is Received: 

  • The referral is reviewed by the ACS team for eligibility.
  • The referring clinician and family will be notified of the outcome.


If a child has been previously assessed and discharged by ACS, parents/legal guardians may re-refer any time up to age 18 or high school exit.

Face-to-Face Communication  

  • A Face-to-Face Re-Referral Application Form needs to be completed by the parent/legal guardian with face to face communication goals and reason for re-referral clearly identified. 
  • An SLP referral is not required 

 Written Communication

  • A Written Communication Application Form needs to be completed by the parent/legal guardian with home-based writing goals and the reason for re-referral clearly identified, i.e., equipment no longer operational or meeting client needs. 
  • An OT referral is not required

 Book a Consultation

Questions about ACS? This is one of the many reasons why you might consider booking a Consultation! Consultation appointments provide parents/legal guardians, community Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) and Occupational Therapists (OT) the opportunity to talk to ACS staff to obtain general information about clients who may or may not be eligible for service (no names provided) or are waiting for service.

To book an appointment call the Clinical Services Assistant at 519-886-8886 or 1-888-372-2259 x 1373. Discussions can occur by telephone or at the Waterloo Site.