ACS Resources

Introducing Augmentative and Alternative Communication:

The e-learning modules listed below are resources from KidsInclusive's ACS Website. e-Learning modules are best viewed on a computer.

Augmentative Communication:

Choosing Vocabulary and Modelling:

Conversation Books:

 Speech Clarification:

Low-Tech Strategies:

Writing Aids:

Google Read and Write

There are writing supports available for clients that have difficulty physically accessing a standard computer. Google Read and Write is an example of a program that has features to support written output.
What is Alternate Access?
Some individuals have difficulties using their hands to access a communication or writing aid device. There are lots of different ways to make access easier. Check out the link below for examples.
Learning to Use Mouse and Keyboard
Below find links to websites that have simple games to support development of early keyboard and mouse skills

Learning to Use Switches

Switches and switch adapted computer mice can be loaned through KidsAbility’s Resource Centre for use at home. A switch-adapted mouse allows a switch button to make a left click on the computer. Being able to click with a switch button provides access to simple computer games and builds cause and effect skills.
Links to simple switch skills building games:
How to build cause and effect skills with technology and switch adapted toys:
Toys that are operated by switches can also be loaned from the Resource Centre. These provide opportunity for play and building of cause and effect skills using switches.