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Welcome to KidsAbility!

Today and every day, we help kids reach their communication, social, physical and behavioural goals.

We provide early and exceptional family-centred services with one goal in mind – to help kids and their families achieve great things!

Together with caring and compassionate supporters like you, we create an inclusive community where every child, youth and family is valued. No diagnosis is needed to begin helping families navigate their journey. From birth to 21, we work alongside families with a path and a plan – providing the right services at the right time – to make goals possible.

At KidsAbility, we believe providing for the wellbeing of children, youth and families is the most powerful way to build brighter futures. And you are invited to help to make that possible.


Early access to KidsAbility services is critical for the development of so many children. Therapy sessions make a life-changing difference in a child’s long term progress; to take first steps, to speak first words and to discover and experience the world around them.  However, demand for our services is growing – and our regions are growing – so your support is vital and urgently needed.

Every child deserves to thrive! The story of KidsAbility is all about helping kids grow with the support and confidence they need to reach a world of possibilities. And we have so many stories to share – kids who are achieving great things and kind and caring people like you who make possibilities happen.

As you read these stories, you’ll see that while kids and families first connect with our services, the truly amazing story is that they carry KidsAbility in their hearts wherever they go.

Read about the journeys of Victoria, Jackson, Greyson, Leigha, Carter, Walter, and Alexander and see how they thrive at home, at school and in the community.

Our story has always been about the children, youth and families we serve. We welcome you to be part of KidsAbility today.