Social Skills at Firefly



Social Skills

Street Smarts

This 8 week program for teens will focus on developing the skills required to make good decisions and manage more independently in the community.


Street Smart schedule Fall 2017 

Home Alone

The Home Alone Program is designed to provide children/youth ages 10 –15 with the skills and knowledge needed to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time.


Home alone  Schedule Fall 2017 


Social Crusaders

Social Crusaders is designed for children who need additional help in self-monitoring in social situations. This program will increase your child's knowledge of social expectations and awareness of their own behaviour.  


Playtime Academy Jr. 

Playtime Academy Jr. is a fun and engaging group for children aged 3-7 who require additional support learning how to interact and play appropriately with peers and toys.  The program offers learning activities to help children explore their environment, communicate with peers and share with others.


Playtime Academy 

Playtime Academy is a fun and engaging group for children ages 4-7 who require additional support learning how to interact and engage appropriately with peers. Children will learn how to follow group routines, focus in a group setting and use teamwork.


Playtime Academy Fall 2017 Schedule for Waterloo Site 


Playtime Academy Fall 2017 Schedule for Cambridge Site. 


Social Skills Groups 

Firefly's Social Skills Groups use evidence-based practices to teach your child social skills concepts using fun activities that are motivating and relevant to the children in the group. Activities can include games, crafts, gross motor play, discussions, video modelling and more! Our staff is caring and approachable and will work with you to tailor the group to your child's needs.


Firefly's intake process includes completion of an intake questionnaire and attendance at the scheduled Meet and Greet group.