Our Mission, Vision & Values



Our Vision, Mission & Values


Potential realized.



KidsAbility™ empowers children and youth with special needs to realize their full potential.



  • Inclusion
    The uniqueness of each child and youth and the right to realize their full potential: helping all to have a sense of belonging within our organization and in the broader community.

  • Respect
    An inclusive and empowering relationship with families and the wisdom they provide: an appreciation for the value and dignity of others.

  • Collaboration
    The power of working together with families, staff, partners, donors and funders: finding a common purpose, commitment and mutual respect.

  • Integrity
    A culture of professionalism, knowledge and accountability and a practice of resilient determination in all that we do. A consistent commitment to openness, honesty, mutual respect and shared success.

  •  Accountability
    A willingness to take responsibility, to demonstrate value and to do our best work in pursuit of our goals.