Growing Up Ready

Children with disabilities often miss out on real-world learning that helps typical children become more independent. Because they face extra challenges, parents may protect kids with disabilities from making decisions, taking risks and facing consequences, which puts them at a real disadvantage when they enter the adult world.

Young people and their families go through many changes as they grow up. The Growing Up Ready resources developed by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab are designed to help children and youth with disabilities to get ready for adult life.


A Timetable for Growing Up is a chart of things to think about at different ages and stages, starting from birth.

The Skills for Growing Up Checklists are for use with children seven years of age and older. The checklists are organized into three levels:

  • Level 1: Getting Started
  • Level 2: On My Way
  • Level 3: Almost There 

To access a copy of these resources, please visit the Bloorview Kids Rehab website.