Growing Up Ready



Growing Up Ready

Children and families go through many changes as they grow. These times of change are called transitions. To get ready for these changes, planning must start early. The following are links to articles on a variety of topics to give you ideas to help you get ready for the many changes that lie ahead and to plan for your future.


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Other Resources

  • iBelong - a website for young adults with intellectual disabilities who are looking to make friends
  • Participation Knowledge Hub - an online resource with tip sheets for participating in activities, and success stores featuring children and youth who are participating successfully in their communities 
  • Ability Online - a free internet community where young people with disabilities can meet others like themselves, make friends from all over the world and find role models and mentors
  • The Access 2 Card - The Access 2 card allows persons with a disability to receive either free admission or a significant discount for their support person at member movie theatres and attractions across Canada