Jackson KidsAbility's Guelph-Wellington AmbassadorGuelph-Wellington Ambassador (2019-2020)

For Alice and her husband Chuck, Jackson was a miracle child, born after many infertility cycles and treatments. At five months of age, while Alice was visiting her parents, Jackson became ill and was admitted to hospital. It was there that he suffered a stroke affecting the right side of his body.

For the months leading up to his first birthday, there were many support people visiting their home in Erin. Jackson had to be taught how to eat and drink because the stroke had affected his tongue and mouth.

Around the one year mark, the family was introduced to KidsAbility. For three years, almost weekly, Alice would take Jackson to KidsAbility and the organization became an invaluable resource to their family. “I wouldn’t have known what to do to help Jackson. I would have been lost without the support of KidsAbility. You see hope with KidsAbility.”

The biggest transformation for Jackson was going from not walking and being told that he may never walk, to Jackson walking and even running. And that includes participating in Guelph’s Superhero Run where the family rallies and runs each year and reigns as the top fundraising team for KidsAbility!

It is no surprise then that “Action Jackson,” a nickname given to him by his uncle, is a true superhero ambassador for KidsAbility. You can look forward to seeing Jackson in action this fall and in 2020 on numerous occasions throughout Guelph and Wellington County!

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