A Legacy Giving Story



A Legacy Giving Story

For 23 years, Lynda Moseley-Williams has been a steadfast volunteer at KidsAbility™, an organization that annually provides treatment services to nearly 8,000 children and youths with special needs. Together with her husband, John, the family has made numerous donations and purchased equipment for the various classrooms within the Waterloo facility. When it came time to create their will, the couple wanted to ensure a brighter future for local children. That's when they decided to leave a legacy gift to KidsAbility.

As Lynda notes, “Having worked at KidsAbility for many years, I was inspired by the dedication of everyone here and the immeasurable impact they have on those who come in for treatment. I knew there was a long waiting list for the kids in our community and I wanted to make a difference. After discussing matters with John, we decided a legacy gift was a great way to support the needs of the children - for generations to come.”

This form of planned gift was the perfect option for the couple. It allowed them to give to a charitable organization that meant a great deal to both of them while still providing for their close family members. “When we started thinking about a legacy gift, we talked it over with our children,” explains John. “KidsAbility was a recognized leader in the community and the kids were in favour right from the start. Two of them volunteered here in the past and they knew how impactful a gift of this nature could be.”

The Moseley-Williams family also understood the importance of donations for families needing help. In fact, their grandson received speech therapy through KidsAbility. “When you witness the work KidsAbility does firsthand, it really touches you,” says Lynda. “Some children come in barely able to communicate. They don't even make eye contact. With help and encouragement, they're suddenly smiling and talking to you. They truly rise to their maximum potential - something that wouldn't happen if they weren't offered the chance at KidsAbility.”

At KidsAbility, there are many ways to give. Individuals can make a gift through their will, donate a new or paid-up life insurance policy, designate the organization as a direct beneficiary of a RRSP or RRIF fund, bestow charitable remainder trusts or even assign publicly traded securities to the Foundation. Of course, the benefits of legacy giving aren't just financial. Donors ensure that the charity lives on and that children with special needs have a more promising future. For Lynda and John Moseley-Williams, who have contributed to KidsAbility in the past and have planned their own Legacy Gift, that's all that really matters.