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Aboriginal Community Services

Adaptive Software

Clicker 5

Website for Special Education Technology BC has many excellent Sections on Adaptive Software - this link is to Clicker 5

Clicker Paint

Website for Special Education Technology BC has many excellent Sections on Adaptive Software - this link is to Clicker Paint


Website for Special Education Technology BC has many excellent Sections on Adaptive Software - this link is to Co:Writer Resources

Kurzweil 3000

Website for Special Education Technology BC has many excellent Sections on Adaptive Software - this link is to Kurzweil Resources

Word Q

Website for Special Education Technology BC has many excellent Sections on Adaptive Software - this link is to Word Q


Every Canadian Counts

Every Canadian Counts (ECC) is an emerging coalition committed to improving services for Canadians living with long-term, severe disabilities


FARE Kids -Food Allergy Research and Education

For Kids site by The Food Allergy and Anaphalaxysis Network


Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario

Site has an excellent links page including links to local resources



Assistive Devices

Tetra Society of North America

This organizations recruits volunteer engineers and technicians to create assistive devices to meet needs that cannot be met by products that are currently available.


Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD)

Augmentative Communication

KidsAbility Web Portal

The portal was created and is maintained by Augmentative Communication Services at KidsAbility - Centre for Child Development and by Special Education Liaison Services at KidsAbility School.


ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Service and Supports for Children and Families: Central West Region ABA Service Intake

This website gives information about how to apply for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services in the Central West Region. It also provides helpful information about Autism and ABA Services.

Autism Canada Foundation

A national, volunteer led organization, providing treatment and resource information to families living with autism, and influencing related health care and government policy. Free resources include a directory of treatment options, video presentations from autism experts, the Autism Physician Handbook, e-newsletter and more.

Autism Spectrum Connection Waterloo Region

An online community for parents who have a child with autism, for agencies and professionals

Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This resource guide was designed to support educators in elementary and secondary schools in Ontario in planning and implementing effective educational programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Erin Oak Kids Autism Resources

Autism Resources developed from evidence-based practices and come in a wide range of formats, including tip sheets, brochures, comprehensive kits and templates that provide information and practical strategies to support families and can be used at home and in the community.

Healing Thresholds Autism Therapy

Healing Thresholds Autism Therapy is a free website and email newsletter dedicated to healing the lives of families touched by autism. They provide comprehensive therapy fact sheets, daily updates of autism therapy research and news, and a global directory of autism-related therapists and services.

KidsAbility List of Autism Services

This sends you to the information on services put together by KidsAbility Autism Services

Kitchener Public Library Autism Collection

A link to information on the extensive Autism Collection held at Kitchener Public Library. Items from this special collection can be borrowed by anyone in Waterloo or Wellington County


Caring for Kids

Information for parents from Canada's paediatricians

Blind/Low Vision

Ministry Blind Low Vision Program

KidsAbility provides services under the Blind-Low Vision Early Intervention (BLV) Program. BLV is one of the foundation programs within the Best Start framework of the Ministry of Children & Youth Services.

Brain Injury


Car Safety

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Child Care

Child Care Special Needs Access Point (SNAP) -

Single point of access to coordinate services for children with developmental concerns attending or planning to attend licensed child care. Includes services offered by KW Habilitation Early Learning, Child Care and Family Resources, and KidsAbility (SPOT) program Call 519-883-2022 or email the Special Needs Access Point (SNAP) for help. We will connect you with the most appropriate resource, support or service for your child.

Communication Disorders

Communication Access

Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships Canada. For people who have communication disabilities

Community Resources

The Waterloo Region Family Network

This organization serves individuals of all ages with disabilities as well as their families. Their goal is to serve people with all types of disabilities.

Developmental Services Access Centre - Preschool Assessment Services

519-622-3752 - Need Java Software to Correctly Open Website

Conflict Resolution

Shared Solutions - A Guide to Preventing and Resolving Conflicts Regarding Programs and Services for Students With Special Education Needs

This resource guide is intended to help parents, educators, and students with special education needs work together to prevent conflicts and to resolve them quickly.

Cri du Chat Syndrome (5-P Syndrome)


Nipissing District Developmental Screen

To help you understand how your child is growing and developing

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child - Center on the Developing Child Harvard University

Of Particular interest is working paper 10, "Early Experiences Can Alter Gene Expression and Affect Long-Term Development" available at: http://developingchild.harvard.edu/index.php/library/reports_and_working_papers/working_papers/wp10/

Pathways - Tools to maximize child development

Chock full of useful information and resource tools for development including a calendar of early games for children.

Down Syndrome


Early Childhood Education

College of Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, established the College of Early Childhood Educators that is responsible for regulating the profession of early childhood education.

Early Learning

Baby Connections

A non-profit community orgainzation to motivate and support parents and caregivers in Waterloo Region to encourage early literacy skill development, starting in their child's first year of life.

Ontario Ministère de l'Éducation

Un guide d'apprentissage des jeunes enfants

Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services- Early Childhood - Best Start

A description of the evolving process for Best Start Child and Family Centres in Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Education Early Learning Framework

A description of and guide to the Early Learning Framework ELF being adoped in Ontario


Sen Teacher

Free Special Needs Resources for Teachers

We Connect Now

This is a website whose mission is to provide information and resources about various disabilities, with one particular emphasis being assisting university students with disabilities to succeed by providing them information and resources.

Education Act

Highlights of Regulation 181/98: Identification and Placement of Exceptional Pupils

This document represents a summary of the information provided in Ontario Regulation 181/98.

Individual Education Plan (IEP): A Resource Guide 2004

This publication is intended to help teachers and others working with students with special needs to develop, implement, and monitor high-quality Individual Education Plans.

Individual Education Plans: Standards for Development, Program Planning, and Implementation

This document describes province-wide standards that school boards must meet when developing, implementing, and monitoring Individual Education Plans.


Facial Differences

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD Ontario Network of Expertise (FASD ONE)

FASD ONE is working to respond to emerging issues, changing environment, and available resources by focusing on priorities related to gaps or challenges associated with this complex disability.

Lutherwood FASD Waterloo Region

A site to support families and professionals working with children and youth diagnosed or querying under FASD.

Public health Agency of Canada: The Framework for Action on FASD

The Framework for Action is a tool to guide future action on FASD in Canada. Intentionally broad in nature, the Framework is designed to inspire and guide the work of a wide range of organizations at the community, provincial/ territorial and national levels - their work in planning, coordinating and implementing policies and programs.

Financial Assistance

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Contact the local Ministry of Community and Social Services office and ask for an ODSP application package. Phone: 519-886-4700Address: 385 Fairway Road, Suite 200, Kitchener N2C 2N9

Special Education Funding Guidelines

Special Equipment Amount (SEA) and Special Incidence Portion (SIP) 2007-2008

First Nations, Metis and Unuit (FNMI) Community Services

Fragile X Syndrome


Medicine Net

Health and medical information produced by doctors.

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital – Health and Wellness Portal

Has a link to catalogue, general information and resources all based on condition –over 1100–

We Connect Now

Dedicated to uniting college and university students with disabilities in access to higher education and employment issues

Health Services

Hearing Impairment

Hearing Loss

Home Schooling

Policy/Program Memorandum No. 131

This memorandum provides direction to school boards and schools concerning policies related to home schooling and the excusing of children from school who are receiving home schooling.

Independent Facilitation

Job Search

Ability Online

Has a new section called Job Readiness that takes you through finding a job step by step.

Lutherwood Employment Centre

Organization has a walk-in Youth Employment Centre


Ability Online

Free internet community where young people with disabilities can meet others like themselves, make friends from all over the world, and find role models and mentors.

Koolway Sports Outerwear

Canadian Outerwear Tailored to Users of Wheelchairs!

Koolway Sports, formed in 2009 is an innovative Canadian clothier and manufacturer is based in Whitby, Ontario offering a line of outerwear consisting of KoolKoats, blankets, blanket back, hoods, KoolKapes, KoolBoots and accessories tailored to the needs of users of wheelchairs.

Learning Disabiliites


Baby Connections

A non-profit community organization to motivate and support parents and caregivers in Waterloo Region to encourage early literacy skill development, starting in their child's first year of life.

Mental Health

Childrens Mental Health Ontario

Includes issues such as OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, Phobias


Summary Report "With Our Best Future in Mind: Implementing Early Learning in Ontario"

information about the introduction of full-day learning for four- and five-year-olds in Ontario schools

Ministry of Education

Full Day Early Learning

Full-day learning will be expanded each year, and the goal is to have it available in every school by 2015-16. This link shows which schools in your area will offer early learning in September 2010

Individual Education Plan (IEP): A Resource Guide 2004

This publication is intended to help teachers and others working with students with special needs to develop, implement, and monitor high-quality Individual Education Plans.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

This document describes province-wide standards that school boards must meet when developing, implementing, and monitoring Individual Education Plans.

Ontario Curriculum Documents

Elementary and Secondary levels, respectively, are found here. The curriculum expectations are identified for each course/subject within each grade level.

Ontario Education Number (OEN)

Information about the OEN can be found here

Ontario Regulation 181/98 of the Education Act

outlines the steps taken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) during the process of identifying a student as exceptional and deciding the student’s placement.

Ontario Student Record (OSR) – Guideline (2000)

The OSR is the record of a student’s educational progress through schools in Ontario. This guideline sets out the policies of the Ministry of Education with regard to the establishment, maintenance, use, retention, transfer, and disposal of the OSR.

Planning Entry to School: A Resource Guide

This publication was designed to facilitate the planning process for children entering school in September

Special Education Advisory Committees (SEAC)

The composition and duties of a SEAC are set out in Regulation 464/97 of the Education Act.

Special Education: A Guide for Educators

The document provides comprehensive information about legislation, regulations, policies, program planning, and resources pertaining to special education.


Burnaby Public Library: Embracing Diversity, Sharing our Songs and Rhymes

From the Kids section on the Burnably Public Libary website there is "An online community resource to inspire sharing across cultures". Check out the songs and rhymes for children in 15 languages.

Immigration Waterloo Region

A website for newcomers in Waterloo Region, in 12 languages

YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo - Immigrant Services

Cross Cultural and Immigration services provided by the YMCA of Cambridge, and Kitchener Waterloo

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Nonverbal Learning Disorders


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Occupational Therapy


Awesome Library

This website provides links that help parents, kids of all ages and professionals in education-related fields learn about a variety of different subjects.

Baby Center

This website offers information on every stage of having a baby, from conception to the preschool. They also have a section of their website offered in French.

Born Learning

This is the website for a public engagement campaign that helps parents, caregivers and communities provide quality education for young children through learning materials as well as public service annoucements.

Family Education

This is a website that provides resources and tips on how to make life fun, productive, safe, and educational for kids of all ages.

First Palette

This website has free crafts ideas and educational printables in order to promote learning and creativity in children.

Get Set 4 Kindergarten

This website gives a month-by-month guide regarding how to prepare children for kindergarten in several key areas as well as resources for parents, and fun games and book suggestions for kids.

Mommy a GoGo

This website offers many resources for mothers in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge, including party planning resources, local event information, and information about "Mommy Groups."

Parents - Family Fun Magazine

This online magazine contains ideas for how parents can have fun with their children.

U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission

This is the website for the agency whose mission is to give the public information related to the safety of a wide variety of products that have the potential to cause injury or death.

World Almanac for Kids

This website expands on The World Almanac for Kids Print Edition. It includes information on a variety of subjects, tools for homework help,and resources for kids to research specific subjects.

Zero to Three

This is an informative and practical website that is meant to educate parents and others who work with this age group about their behaviour and development./


College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Physiotherapists are regulated health professionals, licensed

Positive Parenting

Caring for Kids

Information for parents from Canada's paediatricians

Post Secondary Education


Government website on Education Savings and RESP, Education Planning and Student Loans and Grants

Conestoga College

Accessibility Services at local colleges and universities

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Available Links to sources of financial aid for post-secondary education

University of Guelph

Disability Services at local colleges and universities

University of Waterloo

Disability Services at local colleges and universities

Wilfrid Laurier University

Disability Services at local colleges and universities


Carizon - KidsLink – Preschool Support Services

Must contact, link does not directly connect to service

Ontario Early Years Centre

Links to Early Years Sites in Waterloo and Wellington. Services, drop in and registered for 0-6.

Rare Syndromes and Diseases


Access 2 Entertainment Card

The Card allows persons with a disability to receive either free admission or a significant discount for their support person at member movie theatres across Canada.

The Accessible Road

This website has information about many accessible tourist sites in the provice of Quebec. This accessibility focuses on persons with physical disabilities.


CAPHC / ACCSP The Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehabilitation

KEN is a community website for professionals, parents, and families looking to find and offer information about healthcare and health services for children and youth.

Clinical Trials

Here is where you can go to find clinical trials that are ongoing in all areas.

National Centre for Complementary and Alternative medicine

has a comprehensive listing of what to look for when evaluating Web Based Health Resources.

National Library of Medicine

One stop shopping for PubMed, Gateway, And Medlineplus

Offord Centre for Child Studies -

From the site: “Our research is dedicated to improving the life quality and life opportunities of the one in five Canadian children and youth who suffer from serious social and emotional problems.”


Free bibliographic database from National Rehabilitation Information Centre

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Coalition for Report Cards on the Well-Being of Children

This website will provide you with access to The Well-Being of Children Ages Birth to Six: A Report Card for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, other community resources, such as the community results from the Early Development Instrument (EDI), and information about the Coalition and how the Report Cards are developed. - Now includes the report card for children ages 7-13.

School Age

School Board

Upper Grand District School Board

(Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

"Sensational" research education and advocacy, Expanding Knowlege, fostering awareness and promoting recognition of Sensory processing


Carizon - Access Waterloo Region

A good starting point for services that are available in this community

Erin Oak Kids

ErinoakKids in Mississauga, as the lead agency of the initiative in the Central West Region, is directly responsible to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services regarding all aspects of the Autism Intervention program.

Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre

you need physiotherapy, you may be eligible for services through the WWCCAC www.ccac-ont.ca for home-based needs (e.g. right after surgery). For occupational therapy needs such as assistance with your wheelchair, renovations to make your home accessible or for equipment following surgery,


Le Tutor Language School

List of beginning sign language resources put together by Le Tutor Language School

Social Work

Speech Services

Communicative Disorders Assistants

Communication Disorders Assistants Association of Canada

Wee Talk

Wellington-Dufferin Pre-School Speech and Language Service System

Spina Bifida


The Stuttering Foundation of America

Since 1947 - A non profit organization helping those who stutter

Therapuetic Recreation

Camp Awakening

Integrated, outdoor recreation programs for youth with physical disabilities.


Site to inspire Canadians to Get Active

Public Health

Information on Health and Physical Activity


Toilet Training

Tourette Syndrome


Transition to Adulthood


This site is a place for youth with disabilities, their families and anyone working with teens as they transition to adulthood.

The Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region

also has an “information and networking” service as well as “individual advocacy” and “peer support” services

Visual Impairment