Maddy's Story



Maddy's Story


My name is Maddy. I am 18 years old and I have cerebral palsy.

On June 24, I was awarded the Carol Shantz Bursary award to attend college. I couldn’t be more ecstatic – the picture says it all! This September, I am so excited to be going to college for a one year pre-technology program that will give me all the requirements to go into an Architecture Engineering program. My dream is to become an Architect one day and design homes and buildings that are easily accessible that will work to include everyone. This award means so much to me and is given by the Foundation to help assist KidsAbility Alumni with post secondary education.

Apart from my school goals I love music, poetry, bicycling and most importantly, horseback riding. My new favourite movie is Walk Ride Rodeo that just came out on Netflix. I recommend everyone see it because it is an inspiring true story!

If I could go anywhere, I would go to San Antonio, Texas, to experience the fully accessible water park!

But, few places make me happier than my time at KidsAbility.

Why, you ask?

Finding KidsAbility is one of the best things that has happened to me. It’s hard to express just how much the staff has helped to change my life. The therapy and support I have received has made my future bright.

One of the first areas I went to at KidsAbility was the seating clinic. The seating clinic is the place that helps make your wheelchair better. When you spend most of your day sitting, it’s really important that your chair is super comfortable. At the clinic, the staff listened to what I needed and worked with me to find the best solution.

In 2017, I did physiotherapy with Amy, one of the physiotherapists at KidsAbility, to continue working on my strength. Some may find physiotherapy difficult but I really enjoyed working with Amy because we laughed together and she got excited about my achievements just as much as I did.

At KidsAbility there is also a Bike Clinic Day. With Amy’s help, I was able to try several adapted bikes to help me decide which one I liked best. After spending an hour riding around, Amy helped me to get the bike I wanted.

Also at KidsAbility I have been going to see Tammy. She’s a social worker. I didn’t think I needed a social worker but I was wrong.

Having someone who I can go to and talk about anything that’s bothering me, without any judgement, really helps me. Tammy is kind, caring and welcoming. So whenever I see her I know I’m in a safe space to talk about anything no matter how hard or heavy it may be.


KidsAbility is a great organization because they help kids and youth with disabilities, like me, build their strength to achieve what they want!

All of these things I’m telling you about are made possible by donations to KidsAbility because government funding does not provide enough support for these programs.


You have helped me and I want to say thank you.


Today, I am a happy, healthy teenager, and a founding member of KAYAC (KidsAbility Youth Advocacy Council). We give advice on KidsAbility youth programs and provide a voice for other children and youth with disabilities. You can watch my video here!


All kids at KidsAbility deserve the chance to define who they wish to become.


Brighter futures happen at KidsAbility.


I know this first hand. But it doesn’t just happen – it takes the hard work of therapists, social workers and parents …and the kindness and generosity of people like you.