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Important Update: Purchase of Services Waitlist for Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Services

On February 7, 2022, families who previously inquired about the purchase of services with KidsAbility for Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Services received this message.

Regretfully, due to the profound impacts of COVID-19 as well as the ongoing shortage of available staff across the sector, KidsAbility has made the decision not to move forward with providing a purchase services model for Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Services at this time. This means that the waitlist for these services has been eliminated. 
KidsAbility deeply regrets the impact this decision will have on families. It was not a decision our organization came to easily. It is one we struggled with for quite some time. One that we arrived at only after exploring every other option available.

To assist families moving forward, KidsAbility provided each family on the purchase of service waitlist for Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language Services with a Private Practice Handout that includes information on how to search and locate other service providers in our community.

We are here to help.

When a child has communication, developmental, or behaviour challenges, KidsAbility is here. We know you want the best for your child, and we do too.

Our dedicated, professional staff will work with you to find the right therapies, services, workshops, resources, groups, support and more to help your child, youth, and family to achieve great things at home, at school and in their community. No diagnosis needed.

We understand that purchasing therapy and services for your child or youth is an investment of your time and your money. Together, we will identify what is important to you, your child or youth, and create a plan that works for your goals and budget. This is part of our family-centred approach and our commitment to you. Services are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees.


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Recreation and Social Programs: currently on hold until Fall of 2022


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If you are looking to purchase services to help your child or youth with communication, developmental, or behaviour challenges, contact us.

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