Recreation Equipment Loan

Therapeutic Recreation Services operates an equipment loan service to support your child’s participation in recreation activities.  Equipment is available for loan for up to a 4 week loan period.  Recreation Therapists can also work with you if modifications or customization of equipment is required or to identify commercially available adapted equipment that may meet your child’s needs.  Coaches, teachers and recreation providers are also welcome to access equipment through this program.


How to Access: 

  • If you are a KidsAbility client, call your  Recreation Therapist or call intake at 1-888-372-2259 ext 1214.
  • If you are not a KidsAbility client, contact the Resource Centre at 1-888-327-2259 ext 1415 or email the Resource Centre


What to Expect:

After determining which piece of equipment is appropriate for your child, you will be contacted when the equipment is ready for pick up at your KidsAbility site.  You will be required to sign an equipment liability loan form and the Recreation Therapist will review the equipment and any safety considerations with you.