Referrals to KidsAbility

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KidsAbility™ provides therapy and support services to children and youth, from birth to school exit, who have developmental, physical and/or communication delays or challenges. KidsAbility provides these services to children and families that live in Waterloo Region or Wellington County. 

Who can refer a child to KidsAbility?

  • Parents/Legal Guardians
  • Doctors, Specialists and Service Providers can submit a Referral Form to KidsAbility with the consent of the family
  • We are not accepting referrals to a Developmental Pediatrician at this time.

How to Make A Referral

Waterloo Region

  • If the child lives in Waterloo Region and is between the ages of birth to secondary school exit, please call KidsAbility's Intake Social Worker directly at 519-886-8886 x 1214 or toll-free at 1-888-372-2259 x 1214 or fill out one of the referral forms below. An Intake Social Worker will contact you to complete a brief intake interview either by phone or in-person, depending on your preference.
Referral form for parents and caregivers in Waterloo Region

Referral form for professionals in Waterloo Region

Guelph-Wellington - Early Years

  • If the child is under 4 years of age and lives in Guelph-Wellington, referrals are made by calling: Here4KIDS 1-844-4KIDS-11 (1-844-454-3711) or by fax: 1-844-454-3739 through Growing Great Generations.


Here4Kids Referral form

Guelph-Wellington - School Years 

  •  If the child is 4 years of age or older and lives in Guelph-Wellington, please call KidsAbility directly at 1-888-372-2259 at ext. 1214.

Intake Walk-In Services

  • If you would like to complete a referral for your child in-person, consider stopping by our Walk-in Program. It takes place the first Wednesday of each month from 11:30am-6:30pm at KidsAbility's Waterloo site only (500 Hallmark Drive).


There are a few exceptions for how referrals are made for different programs. If you are referring your child for any of the following services, please contact these providers directly to refer your child:

  • Autism Intervention Services 
    • To register, you must contact the Central Intake and Registration Team:
      • Ontario Autism Program
      • Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services
      • P.O. Box  193
      • Toronto, Ontario M7A 1N3
      • 1-888-444-4530 /
  • Infant Hearing Screening - ErinoakKids 1-877-374-6625
  • Guelph-Wellington Inclusion Support Services (accessing support in licensed child care) - KidsAbility Guelph-Wellington Program at 519-886-8886 or 1-888-372-2259 ext. 6000
  • SPOT Program in Waterloo Region (accessing support in licensed child care) - SNAP (Special Needs Access Point) at 519-741-0076

In the event that a child is found to not be eligible for KidsAbility's government-funded services, the Intake Social Worker will be able to provide information about alternative services and resources available in the community. Children and youth that are not eligible for KidsAbility's services may be able to access Firefly Therapy Services.


Looking to find out about other resources in the community or make referrals outside of KidsAbility? is your first step to finding community-based services and supports for parents, youth and children in Waterloo Region.