Claire's Story

Cambridge Ambassador

As a parent, what do you do if your child starts to miss key developmental milestones? For Karen and Michael, that was the question they pondered as their daughter, Claire, fell further and further behind. While a lot of people (doctors included) suggested a “wait and see” approach, they decided to make a call to KidsAbility.

Claire was assessed by KidsAbility therapists and it was soon discovered that she had some developmental delays. Eventually, she was diagnosed with having ataxia (lack of muscle control during voluntary movements) and a chromosomal disorder, which made it very difficult for her to move or speak. Soon after her assessment, Claire began physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

As Karen notes, “KidsAbilty has changed our lives incredibly. We don’t know where we’d be without them. As parents, we didn’t know if
Claire would ever walk. KidsAbility gave us hope that she’d progress.”

With KidsAbility’s help, Claire has made impressive gains over the years. At 3 years old, she began using a walker. Then a mere 6 months later came a giant breakthrough.

“We were in the hallway of KidsAbility when Claire’s physiotherapist placed her on her feet – without the walker – and let her go,” states Karen. “Then she was off! Not just a couple of steps, but so many we stopped counting. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing!”

Michael agrees, adding, “Claire is not ‘most kids.’ When you can see and feel your child struggling against her own body, every milestone becomes a miracle. And it’s because of KidsAbility that these little miracles are possible.”