Kitchener-Waterloo Ambassador

Edison loves to dance – especially while listening to his favourite children’s entertainers: the Wiggles and Splash ’n Boots. Yet not that long ago, it seemed improbable that he would be able to dance – let alone walk.


At the age of 1, Edison’s parents noticed that he wasn’t progressing, he had difficulty with his gross motor skills and he couldn’t speak.
Naturally, they turned to KidsAbility for help – the same organization that had helped his older brother Jaxon.


In the beginning, Edison received Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Augmentative Communication Services (as he was
nonverbal and needed a special device to express himself). “There were so many unknowns with Edison and it was scary,” notes Renee.


“But KidsAbility gave our family guidance and support. They were encouraging and set goals – ones that they helped Edison achieve!” Adam agrees, adding, “KidsAbility has helped Edison make huge gains – whether with his augmentative communication device, his cognitive
abilities or his mobility. In fact, KidsAbility helped Edison walk. For a boy who could not crawl, he now takes over 20 steps and has become
vastly more independent.”


While only 3, Edison is proof that early intervention is key. As Renee states, “KidsAbility is a positive place, where children continue to grow
and achieve their goals. It’s also a place that prepares children – and their parents – for a life journey where anything is possible.” And for
Edison, that includes dancing!


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