Gwyneth's Story

Kitchener-Waterloo Ambassador

At fifteen months, Gwyneth said her first word – and like all parents, Sarah and Ian were ecstatic.  Yet, shortly thereafter, Gwyneth stopped speaking and her parents’ elation changed to concern. That’s when they decided to self-refer Gwyneth to KidsAbility.

“We’re very familiar with the system at KidsAbility – thanks to our older daughter Ivy who received speech therapy at the centre and attended KidsAbility School,” explains Sarah. “When we noticed delays with Gwyneth, we came into KidsAbility and they did an assessment on her, confirming that she should be speaking at that point. KidsAbility then set up both speech and occupational therapy 
for her.”

It wasn’t until Gwyneth was three years old before she was given an official diagnosis of autism. The challenges over the years have been

numerous. “In the beginning, you could ask Gwyneth a question, but she couldn’t understand,” states Ian. “At KidsAbility, she has learned so much. She is spontaneously talking now and using words. She knows her numbers and is able to take direction.”

When it comes to KidsAbility, Sarah has this to say: “Come to KidsAbility if you have concerns. At the very least, you’ll have peace of mind. If your child does need help, you’ll have all the services you need under one roof – just like we had with Gwyneth.”

Ian adds, “KidsAbility provided the help that we needed – when we needed it. This is the ‘Don’t worry place.’ The staff here will provide you with the services your child requires. They are awesome!”