Jordan's Story




Guelph-Wellington Ambassador (2017-2018)


Some people just have that special something that makes them stand out. In the case of Jordan, our KidsAbility ambassador from Guelph, it can be defined in one word: heart.

Oddly enough, it was Jordan’s actual heart that almost caused her to pass away. At the young age of two, she suffered a heart infection, heart failure, a blood clot and a stroke. With her indomitable spirit, though, she survived – but the stroke took its toll and her right side was paralyzed.

After Jordan was released from the hospital, Rebecca and Tony (her parents) were uncertain what the future might hold. Then the family walked in the doors of KidsAbility.

“The staff were so nice and they created a special community,” recalls Jordan. “They taught me how to climb stairs, to stand properly, to walk safely – and to never stop believing.”

Today, Jordan enjoys horseback riding and competitive swimming. An avid reader, she has taken inspiration from J. K. Rowling and begun writing her own fantasy book – no doubt with a main character who exhibits the one quality she displays in great abundance: heart.