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Like most children her age, Melody was over the moon when she received her first two-wheeled bicycle. An active girl who enjoys swimming, gymnastics and soccer, her bike offered a new challenge – and the opportunity for greater independence.


When she was born five years ago, though, few people would have thought that she’d be able to ride a bike – let alone participate in so many other activities. After all, when she was delivered at 26 weeks,her prognosis was dire. Yet, she endured the early hardships before being sent home after 3 stressful months in the hospital. Then at 18 months, she was given an official diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP).


“We noticed that Melody had some problems with the left side of her body,” states her mother, Lesley. “She lacked muscle tone and staff at the hospital prepared us for the worst. When they told us she had CP, it wasn’t a shock. Instead, it allowed us to move forward and get Melody the help she needed.”


And that’s exactly what she received at KidsAbility. After being assessed, Melody began Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. “Working with her at KidsAbility and at home made a huge difference,” says John, Melody’s father. “The end result was that she took her first
steps at KidsAbility, rode her first tricycle there and was well prepared for Kindergarten!”


Today, Melody continues to gain greater independence thanks to the “knowledgeable and supportive staff at KidsAbility.” Looking ahead, the family hopes that Melody is able to follow her passion – wherever that may lead. And who knows, perhaps one day it will lead back to KidsAbility – the organization that made a huge difference in her young life.


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