Miles & Elliott's Story



Elliott & Miles

Cambridge Ambassadors (2017-2018)


There is a saying that “Sometimes miracles come in pairs.” This is certainly the case for Miles and Elliott – two charming twin boys with a fondness for hockey, Track 3 skiing, swimming, baseball andmusic – who barely survived childbirth.

Born prematurely at 27 weeks, both boys had significant brain hemorrhages, multiple brain surgeries and VP shunts inserted into their ventricles (to divert excess cerebrospinal fluid away from the brain). After spending 3 and a half months in the neonatal intensive care unit, the boys were discharged. Two weeks later, they began receiving therapy at KidsAbility.

“Both boys really benefitted from their time at KidsAbility, but especially Miles,” states Jennifer. “He took longer than Elliott to talk, but since he started he hasn’t stopped!”

At KidsAbility, we’re grateful for the everyday miracles we witness at our sites – and for Miles and Elliott, our wonderful ambassadors whose lives are an inspiration to all.