Olivia's Story



Olivia's Story


I have been a KidsAbility client and now I volunteer. I volunteer in the Resource Centre where parents and therapists can come and borrow books, games and so much more! Every Tuesday morning, I come in and help. I have been doing it for just over a year. I used to clean toys, but now work on the computer doing customer service! It has been good so far. I always love to watch the children while they wait for their appointments. Sometimes they are so funny!


I hope that by sharing this it will encourage people to come and check out the Resource Centre for themselves! I enjoy meeting new people, whenever they do come and I like to smile at the children. It’s so interesting watching them grow and develop new skills.


Of course, I like to work with my co-workers and my supervisor too. They are so nice and considerate! Sometimes they make me laugh. I appreciate having the job because it gets me out of the house and I get to see the children! Also, I want to help any way I can and be of use to the organization. I understand children with different disabilities because I have grown up with a physical disability.  Also, KidsAbility has given so much to me. This is my way of giving back!


As you can see, I really enjoy working at KidsAbility because it's nice to do something that I love and I hope that you will find yourself at home there too.


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