Wysdom's Story

Kitchener-Waterloo Ambassador

One only needs to meet Wysdom to be captivated by his infectious spirit – something remarkable considering the many tribulations of his young life. 

As his mother Sasha notes, “I had a high-risk pregnancy with Wysdom. He was diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome and born prematurely. During the delivery, the doctor had to perform an emergency C-section due to complications that arose with Wysdom’s heart. Diagnosed with atrioventicular septal defect (AVSD), Wysdom eventually had to have heart surgery at 6 months of age.”

While many people told the family there was little potential for Wysdom, KidsAbility provided the family with hope. “For us, it’s like a one-stop place where we receive the best resources for a child with special needs,” explains Julian, Wysdom’s father. “Over the years, he has received occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. And as parents, we received the support to help Wysdom reach his full potential.”

In just over 6 years, Wysdom has achieved so many milestones – with KidsAbility at his side. “He walked for the first time at KidsAbility,” states Sasha. “He began talking at KidsAbility. He first rode a bike and swam at KidsAbility. He did so many things that were once thought impossible!”

Yet, it was at KidsAbility School where Wysdom truly blossomed. “KidsAbility School was the best thing for Wysdom,” says Julian.
“It was there where he became social and interacted positively with his peers for the first time. He even became a leader in the classroom!”

Today, Wysdom continues to prove all the naysayers wrong. And at KidsAbility, we can’t wait to see where his indomitable spirit will lead him.