Technology plays an important role in enhancing programs and services for our clients and their families at KidsAbility™.


  • OTN Tele-Medicine allows for our clients to have follow-up appointments with specialists in other locations. This saves the family time and energy by eliminating the need to drive to Toronto, London, or Hamilton for a routine visit. This service is available at KidsAbility's Waterloo site.


Fact Sheet: OTN Information for Clients & Families

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  • eCHN, the Electronic Children's Health Network, allows KidsAbility's therapists to have access to electronic  health records for our clients. As a member of eCHN, this technology is used daily as it:
    •  provides real-time access to reports for  our clients being served at SickKids, McMaster and London Health Sciences  
    • allows our therapists to make more information and quicker decisions for our clients as information is immediately available


Therapists are creatively utilizing everyday devices to enhance programs and services such as:

  • Xperiential Learning Systems (Virtual Reality) that places children in a PC video game so that the therapist can set a range of motion for therapeutic purposes
  • Wii generates engagement and movement
  • Tablets and apps that support goals such as communication
  • Digital video recording that is used (with consent) to track a child's progress and to provide feedback
  • ACS (Augmentative Communication Services) is utilizing high and low technology solutions to support face-to-face and written communication needs.