Augmentative Communication Services (ACS)

ACS Therapy Resources for At Home

PraAACtical Perspectives: Normalizing AAC

  • This organization has developed a calendar with daily activities that support use of AAC in fun and easy ways at home. You can access their AAC activity calendar, videos and more on their website.


  • Interested in trying out some new games and activities on the computer? HelpKidzLearn is offering free trials of many of their game-based programs and the best part is, you can use your mouse, switches or eyegaze to play! Find the free trials online.

AAC Language Lab

  • AAC Language Lab is an online resource developed by PRC-Saltillo that allows access to many language learning resources. You will have access to interactive materials for teaching your child. Some resources will be best printed but with a little creativity, you can adapt to complete online.
  • The developers of AAC Language Lab are offering a free subscription until June 1st by setting up an account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access resources for stages 1-6. If you need help determining what activities or stages you should be using, the ACS team is here to help.


  • Pathways is a free iOS (iPad only) and web-based tool for teaching and learning AAC. Created and supported by Tobii DynaVox, a leader in AAC, Pathways was developed to support users with TobiiDynaVox systems, however, it is a great resource for teaching any language system.
  • Pathways content is created and supported by experienced clinicians and educators that is made easily accessible to parents via online tools. Resources are broken down into to six stages for teaching, from using single core words to making sentences and more. It also provides materials for teaching these skills, including games, books and activities. Some need to be printed, but many can be accessed online. Each activity outlines learning objectives and target vocabulary, making it easy for families to pick activities that support current goals. If you need help on where to start, let us know, we are here to help.

Language Opportunities for Using AAC at Home

  • A blog by AssistiveWare, developers of Proloquo2Go. Link below to many daily opportunities around the home for modeling and teaching language.
  • “Communication does not stop at home or at school. Successful communication happens when people with communication difficulties can use their AAC system in all environments. Find strategies for using AAC at home in this blog post.”
  • - Amanda Hartman Speech Language Pathologist, Author