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Come in and discover the materials available for purchase at our Therapy Stores located within the KidsAbility Resource Centres at our sites in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge - Hespeler and Guelph - Imperial. 

Over 30 items are available, including fine motor, sensory, gross motor and oral motor items. Some items may require a note from a therapist prior to purchase.


Prices include tax. Our Waterloo site accepts debit, credit, cash or cheque. Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph sites accept cash or cheque only.


 Oral Motor/Sensory Items


NUK Massager | Item #: OMS1

Stimulates lateral molar ridges, reduces oral hypersensitivity and
helps to develop a tongue groove

Price: $4.50 
*Requires Therapist note to purchase


Chew Ease Cover (White) | Item #: OMS2

White bumpy cover to be used over chew ease

Price: $1.00


Chew Ease Cover (Blue) | Item #: OMS3

Blue terry cloth cover to be used over chew ease

Price: $1.00


ARK Grabber | Item #: OMS4

Medical grade, “built in” handle allows oral exploration, jaw movement, tongue movement

Price: $14.00


Small Maroon Spoon | Item #: OMS5

Used for feeding therapy

Price: $1.00


Sensory Corn Brush | Item #: OMS6

For Sensory impairment, to be used under OT instruction.

Price: $3.50
*Requires Therapist note to purchase


ARK Grabber “XT” | Item #: OMS8

Medical Grade materials, Xtra tough, but chewy and resiliant

Price: $14.00


Red Chewy Tube | Item #: OMS10

Tool for redirecting chewing and or practicing chewing and biting skills ½ “, 1.3cm diameter

Price: $18.00


Oral Knobby Tube | Item #: OMS11

Chew tube with bumps and tactile appeal

Price: $18.00


Cheweze Blue | Item #: OMS12

Chewing solution, helps address sensory issues, oral fixations, mouth or motor skill development

Price: $25.00


Chew StiXX | Item #: OMS13

Oral Motor stimulant and sensory hand fidget

Price: $18.00


“Chewlery” Bracelet | Item #: OMS15

Non-toxic, colorful, plastic jewelry "streeetches” Great oral-motor stimulating activity.

Price: $10.00


“Chewlery” Necklace | Item Number: OMS16

Non-toxic, colorful, plastic jewelry "streeetches” Great oral-motor stimulating activity.

Price: $15.00



Mr Juice Bear Straw Drinking Teaching Cup with Three Straws | Item #: OMS17

Gentle pressure to the bear's belly puts liquids at just the right place to initiate suck. Comes with 3 bite-resistant, non-crushable straws made from strong tubing.


Price: $20.00


Fine Motor Skills


Cut and Cruise Scissor Guide | Item #: FM1

Place magnetic car on end of metal scissors, then “drive” across the cut line

Price: $4.00


Ellie Grip Right | Item #: FM2

2 holes for first finger and thumb, teach the proper way to hold a pencil or crayon

Price: $10.00


Ellie Grip Left | Item #: FM3

2 holes for first finger and thumb, teach the proper way to hold a pencil or crayon

Price: $10.00



Easy Grip Scissors | Item #: FM4

Right or left hand, continuous loop plastic handle that reopens when pressure is released. Blade guard included

Price: $10.00




Right Hand Blue Scissors | Item #: FM5

Self-opening adapted scissors. Blade guard included

Price: $5.00




Left Hand Green Scissors | Item #: FM6

Self-opening adapted scissors. Blade guard included


Price: $8.00



Crossover Pencil Grip | Item #: FM7

Helps place fingers in proper position for gripping. Added wings prevent fingers from crossing over each other

Price: $4.00


Triangular Pencil Grip | Item #: FM8

Soft vinyl grip helps children learn to hold a pencil properly

Price: $4.00



Stetro Pencil Grip | Item #: FM9

Improves handwriting, comfortable to use.

Price: $3.50


Learn n’ Turn | Item #: FM11

Two utensils in one (spoon and fork).Can rotate utensil attachments in either direction for left and righthanded children.

Price: $10.50


Move n Sit Cushion | Item #: MI1

Combines sitting on a ball and a wedge to encourage correct seating. Requires active participation from user

Price: $45.00


Monkey Gear Protective Ear Wear | Item #: MI3

Hats mainly used to assistant children to keep hearing aids in

Price: $30.00 (+$6.00 with Brim) 


Adapted Bike Petals | Item number: MI4

Plastic pedals with velcro which can be attached to a tricycle or bicycle to make it easier to pedal

Price: $40.00  


Cochlear Implant (CI) and Hearing Aid (HA) Headbands | Item Number: MI5

Price: $3.00

These headbands are a great way to show off your hearing equipment and encourage youth to wear their HA/CI!


Find some great designs - Thomas the Train, Princesses, Super Heroes, Sports, Disney and much More!