Bike Clinic (TR)

KidsAbility’s Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Bike Clinic is an opportunity to support your child in riding a “regular” bicycle or to explore options for enjoying biking together as a family.  


What to Expect:

Our team will work with you and your child to find a biking option that works for them through: 

  • An individualized bike assessment
  • The opportunity to try two-wheel bike options  
  • Identifying teaching strategies to learn how to ride a two-wheel bike
  • Investigating bike accessories or modifications that could help your child to ride  
  • Identifying an appropriate bike to best suit your child
  • Problem-solving specific challenges impacting your child’s bike riding experience
  • Identifying options available for you to enjoy biking together as a family (trailers, tandems, trail-a-bikes, tow arms, etc.)
  • Accessing equipment through KidsAbility's Bike Loan Program.


Upcoming Sessions:

Referrals to the TR Bike Clinic are accepted year-round. An initial appointment will be held virtually with parents and caregivers through Zoom to discuss your child's challenges and goals. In-person clinics are scheduled in the Spring and Summer.



This service is available free of charge to all families eligible for KidsAbility's Foundational Family Services


How to Access This Service:

  1. Contact your KidsAbility Therapist.

  2. Refer your child through our Online Referral Form or by contacting our Intake Team at 519-886-8886 ext. 1214 or toll-free at 1-888-372-2259.

Helpful Resources:

More Biking Programs & Services at KidsAbility: 

KidsAbility also offers other biking-related programs to help your child or youth.

  • Adapted Bike Day is an opportunity to try adapted bikes designed specifically for individuals with disabilities.  Begin the process of purchasing a bike or learn about the bikes and accessories available through KidsAbility’s Bike Loan Program.  
  • iCanBike is a week-long program hosted by KidsAbility that helps children and youth with special needs achieve an important life milestone: learning to ride a two-wheeled bike! This program uses unique adapted bicycles to help participants gain the skills and confidence they need to gradually transition to a regular two-wheeled bicycle.  
  • Bike With Me - coming soon