Here's why you matter. 

“Thank you for believing in everyday miracles.

There’s nothing more magical than witnessing a child discover their abilities.” 

You are a friend of KidsAbility. By believing deeply in community philanthropy, your investment in our work keeps KidsAbility steadfast in provide life-changing therapy, innovative programs and the latest technology for children, youth and their families to achieve great things at home, at school and in the community. 

KidsAbility supports over 11,000 children and youth to reach their communication, social, physical, and behavioural goals each year. As the needs in our community continue to grow and demand for KidsAbility services exceed our resources, support from supporters like you in our community also ensures that over 1,000 additional children, youth and families benefit sooner from the services that they need.

Your gift helps a child benefit sooner to say first words, take first steps, hold a pencil or spoon or help learn to make a new friend and participate fully in our community.

Thousands of children and youth carry KidsAbility in their hearts wherever they go. You're invited to journey along with Victoria, Jackson, Greyson, Leigha, Carter, Walter, and Alexander to read their stories.


 Here for children, youth and their families when they need us the most, thanks to you.