4 February 2021

Josslin Insurance is one local company who sees great value in personally involving and connecting their employees to experience the impact of community giving.

When the family-run company chose to celebrate their 140 year anniversary during the pandemic’s second lockdown, co-owners and brothers Scott and Steve Wagler first listened to their employees for suggestions on how to make an impact.

“We couldn’t celebrate with a traditional gathering,” Scott Wagler shares. “But we still wanted to find a way to make it meaningful. We asked our staff members to nominate and vote on a charity that meant a lot to them so that we could donate $1,400 and commemorate our milestone.”

Many staff willingly shared what KidsAbility meant to them personally. For some, it was counselling and therapy support for a family member born premature which was required long after birth. For others, it was speech therapy received from children born with hearing loss. For Scott and Steve, the stories shared by their employees made all the difference. Their choice was clear; KidsAbility was the chosen winner.

The Waglers are quick to point out that KidsAbility’s values align with their company. Taking care of families is deeply rooted in their company culture – it’s also in their motto, “Protecting u and the ones u love”. But it’s not just a tagline; it’s a commitment realized by the owners and their employees who also contribute to KidsAbility Foundation regularly through staff dress-down days.

“We support KidsAbility because they align so closely with our core values of Caring and Community. We listen to our people who share stories about their experiences with KidsAbility and when you care deeply and help people as KidsAbility does, those values of caring and community ring true.”

Choosing to support KidsAbility has brought the 74 employees closer during a time when they needed it the most. And the Wagler’s have discovered a new level of philanthropic leadership by choosing to support an organization that has changed many of their employees’ lives for the better. Whether it’s anniversary celebrations or dress-down day employee giving, Josslin Insurance demonstrates that success in community philanthropy begins from within the company itself.