Booking an Appointment

To refer your child to KidsAbility’s programs and services or learn more about our offerings, contact our Intake Team:

KidsAbility – Intake Team
519-886-8886 ext. 1214

KidsAbility Referral Forms can be faxed to 519-886-7292.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Appointment

It is critical that if you can no longer attend your appointment at KidsAbility to please let us know as soon as possible – this is so we can ensure that this time does not go wasted. A missed appointment is a missed opportunity for another child.

Please understand that we cannot make up for missed appointments but will do our best to work with you to find the next available appointment.

KidsAbility – Appointment Cancellations
519-886-8886 ext. 0 (Reception)

AlayaCare Family Client Portal

This presentation will provide instructions for logging into the Family Portal system, and a review of the features and information you have access to.