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Your donation can change a child’s life. And that’s a future we can all believe is possible.

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Join our talented and dedicated clinicians and staff to make firsts possible and support children and youth in our community.

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At KidsAbility, we support 17,000+ children and youth in achieving communication, social, physical, and behavioral milestones.

From birth to age 21, we guide their journey from childhood to adulthood, irrespective of diagnosis. Our focus on early, family-centric services shapes brighter futures.

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Imagine a child reaching their milestones because you chose to help

At the heart of KidsAbility Foundation are individuals just like you, united to transform the lives of children by helping empower them to reach their full potential.

Every donation supports life-changing therapy, essential programs and services, and innovative research and technology, ensuring that milestones are within reach and no child’s potential is left undiscovered.

Make a difference now—your donation can transform a child’s life, possibly forever. And that’s a future we can all believe is possible.

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