Transitions support for youth & adults

As children grow and mature into young adults, their aspirations often shift toward acquiring the skills necessary for leading an independent life. At KidsAbility, our dedicated team is committed to collaborating with our youth, offering support, guidance, and resources as they embark on the transition to the next exciting phase of their lives.

We can support young people aged 12+

We support youth to have well-planned and person-centred transitions to adulthood. This includes young people with a physical disability, developmental disability and anyone that would identify as neurodiverse/neurodivergent. We can support their families through this transition too.

Our approach involves actively engaging with our youth to identify their unique goals and aspirations. Our team provides opportunities to learn and engage while empowering our young individuals to become strong advocates for themselves. We equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate their journey independently, enabling them to fully participate in our vibrant community.

At KidsAbility, we take great pride in nurturing not only their skills but also their self-confidence, ensuring that they can seize opportunities and contribute positively to our society. We are here to champion their dreams and aspirations every step of the way as they transition into adulthood. Together, we create brighter, more inclusive futures for our youth.

What to expect

Clients and families will have an opportunity to meet with the Youth Engagement Lead to explore Youth Transition Supports which include information about:

  • Accessing and advocating for supports in the community
  • Programs and services available within KidsAbility and the community
  • Opportunities to get involved and learn transferable skills to support education and career development
  • Accessing post-secondary education.
  • Volunteer opportunities within KidsAbility and the community.

Eligibility & Referrals

We support current and former KidsAbility clients from ages 12+ until the completion of high school.

Our Transition to Adulthood program supports youth 16+ until the completion of high school.

Step 1: Referral

Step 2: Upon receiving a referral, the Youth Engagement Lead will contact the client to introduce themselves and request that a short questionnaire be completed.

Step 3: Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, the Youth Engagement Lead will decide next steps which may include:

  • Email response with resource documents
  • Booking a phone call
  • Booking an in person consult

Step 4: If a phone call or in person consult takes place, the Youth Engagement Lead will follow up with the client by email with a summary of what was discussed, provide any handouts that are applicable and where to find additional resources.

Step 5: Once the questions/concerns have been addressed, the Youth Engagement Lead will discharge the client from the consult list and remind client they can reach out to for any further information related to Youth Transition Supports and Youth Engagement.

KidsAbility Youth Council

Kids Ability Council (KYC) serves as the youth voice for KidsAbility. Volunteers aged 14 to 24 actively contribute to KidsAbility programs and services, organize youth-oriented events, and advocate on behalf of peers with disabilities.

As a council, KYC partners with KidsAbility staff to represent the positive and enthusiastic voice of youth, shaping programs and activities. KYC aims to create inclusive spaces for youth with disabilities through special events, drop-ins, and other opportunities identified by the council.

KYC offers leadership opportunities for youth, promoting personal growth and the chance to earn volunteer hours. KYC includes one main committee with subcommittee opportunities tailored to your region and interests, including areas like social media, social planning, programs, and youth mental health.

  • Youth between the ages of 14 and 24, whether current or past clients or siblings/friends of clients, meet 1-2 times per month to provide input and plan events. Meetings are facilitated by the Youth Engagement Lead and the Youth Services Assistant, and participants earn volunteer hours.

When KYC is Offered:

  • There are Fall and Winter Terms, and youth are welcome to participate in both terms.
  • The Fall Term runs from September to December, while the Winter Term spans January to May.
  • Members from both terms receive invitations to a recognition event in June.
  • Members undergo an onboarding process and attend a Welcome and Training Meeting in September (for the Fall Term) and January (for the Winter Term).
  • Members participate in bi-weekly meetings and occasionally attend events outside of the scheduled meeting hours.
  • Meetings are hybrid, offering both in-person and virtual options.

We’re Looking for Youth Who Are:

  • Passionate about representing the youth voice and driving change in our community.
  • Committed to advocating for youth with disabilities.
  • Interested in being part of a team that combines collaboration with fun.
  • Aged between 14-24 years, either current or past clients of KidsAbility or siblings/friends of clients.

To learn more or apply, please contact the Youth Engagement Lead at or fill out the application form provided below.

Your journey to empowerment begins here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The earlier the better. There are going to be several upcoming changes you will be going through and the more time you have to plan the more prepared you will be in the long run.

Certainly, parents are welcome to attend a Youth Transition Consult without their teen. However, it is strongly encouraged that the teens themselves also participate in these appointments. This is because our goal is to address their unique needs and concerns related to the transition process, and their direct involvement allows for a more tailored and effective consultation.

Yes! You can volunteer on the KidsAbility Youth Council (KYC).

Our Youth Engagement Lead can also support you in finding opportunities in the community to volunteer that suit your individual needs and interests.