School Referrals

The Referral Process


  • The child has moderate to severe special needs in some or all of the following areas:
    • Learning or applied knowledge 
    • Motor skills 
    • Self-care skills 
    • Communication skills 
    • Sensory
  • The child has limited initial strategies and equipment to support first steps toward successful functioning within a classroom and/or 
  • The child has limited determination, persistence, confidence and/or resiliency 
  • The child is registered as a client at KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, and 
  • The child must be 4 years of age by December 31 of the year in which he/she begins Junior Kindergarten

How to Apply

  • KidsAbility therapists who work with the child initiate the referral and complete the application, in consultation with the child’s parents. 
  • Applications are submitted to the Principal of KidsAbility School in February. 
  • The application does not guarantee acceptance into KidsAbility School. 
  • The school selection committee, in consultation with KidsAbility therapists, reviews all applications and makes placement decisions. All parents are informed of placement decisions in the spring.

KidsAbility School Program and Referral Information Brochure