About KidsAbility School

KidsAbility School provides half-day special education programs for junior kindergarten children with complex learning needs. The School operates under Section 68 of the Education Act of the Province of Ontario and is funded by the Ministry of Education. KidsAbility School is located in KidsAbility’s sites in Cambridge and in Waterloo.

Our Vision

Children with special needs, inspired to learn, grow and build on their potential.

Our Mission

Empowering our students to achieve success both in school and life in an insightful, unique school environment.

Our Values

  • Promoting innovation, professionalism and educational excellence that empowers our students and their families.
  • An inclusive environment respecting unique needs, abilities and diversity.
  • Working together with our students, their families, and our community partners to build sustainable relationships and foster positive collaboration.

Our Goals

  • Building and Strengthening a Sustainable Organization
  • Leading in Educational Service Delivery
  • Strengthening Our Partnerships and School Profile

Strategic Plan

Who We Are

  • KidsAbility School is one of six Section 68 schools in Ontario operating within a children’s treatment centre.
  • KidsAbility School is independent of the two local school boards, and as such, has its own trustees who govern the operations and policies of the school.
  • Funding is provided by the Ministry of Education for staffing and operational expenses.
  • KidsAbility School operates half-day specialized education programs for junior kindergarten-aged children who have communication, physical and/or developmental disabilities.
  • To be eligible to attend the KidsAbility School, children must be clients of KidsAbility Centre for Child Development.
  • The one-year programs focus on early identification, early intervention and transition into community schools.
  • Therapy services are provided through KidsAbility Centre for Child Development. Teachers, parents, educational assistants and therapists work as teams to combine education and therapy in order to meet the unique needs of each child.
  • Special Education Liaison Services are also available to provide support for the transition of students to community schools.

Our History


Known as the “Kitchener Cerebral Palsy School Board”, it began with just six students as was located within KW Hospital in Kitchener.


The School relocated to, what was then known as the “North Waterloo Society for Crippled Children” building on King Street in Kitchener. This became The Rotary Children’s Centre which would one day become KidsAbility.


The School name changed its name to “North Waterloo Children’s Centre Board of Education”.


When KidsAbility made its move from King Street in Kitchener to a brand new and customized designed facility on the corner of Davenport Road and Hallmark Drive, the School made its move and joined in the celebration of the grand opening of a facility that boasted over 50,000 square feet of space.


This year saw the School change its name to the Rotary Children’s Centre School Authority.


It was an exciting year for the School as it expanded school services to a second site in Cambridge. This new classroom saw 16 children in its first year bringing the total number of children enrolled in the School to 80 in Waterloo and Cambridge.

The School became known as KidsAbility School Authority to coincide with the Rotary Children’s Centre name change to KidsAbility Centre for Child Development.


Due to an increasing demand, a second classroom was added in Cambridge that welcomed an additional 18 children that year.


KidsAbility School continues to provide special education programs in six classrooms located in KidsAbility’s sites in Waterloo and Cambridge.

Last year over 100 kindergarten-aged children who have communication, physical and/or developmental disabilities benefited from half-day specialized education programs at KidsAbility School Authority.

KidsAbility School Authority Board

  • Bonnie Bremner
  • Steve Kovacevic
  • Andrea Miller
  • Carolyn Sutton
  • Wendy McIntyre – Chair
  • Shirley Silver – Vice Chair
  • Krista Mooney – Principal
  • Joanne Cotter – Executive Assistant

  • Wednesday, February 7, 2024
  • Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  • Wednesday, April 3, 2024
  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024

To read the policy and procedures regarding Trustee Appointments, please refer to Authority Policy 1003. pasting

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