Nurturing Growth Together

At KidsAbility, we hold a deep belief in the power of family-centered care.

In our eyes, involving families in the therapeutic process is not just important, it’s fundamental. It forms the very heart of a child’s holistic development and well-being. Together, we cultivate a nurturing environment where growth, progress, and success can flourish.

Family & Caregiver Supports

Resource Centre

A lending library of books, games, devices and more, all vetted by therapist to support your child’s development and goals.

ThriveTogether Tools

Our online repository is packed with handouts, activities, instructional videos, and more. Easily accessible from home, this resource center is a valuable tool for families and caregivers to support their children while waiting for therapy, or in-between sessions.

Workshops & Events

From art therapy to music sessions, these activities promote physical, emotional, and cognitive development.