Social Work Support for Families

At KidsAbility, our dedicated Social Workers are here to support children and youth with special needs and their families on their journey toward realizing their full potential. We understand the unique challenges that come with having a child or youth with special needs, and our focus is on addressing the personal and family impact of these challenges.

Our Approach

We take a collaborative and family-centered approach to provide comprehensive support. Our services include:

  • Resources: helping families connect to community resources, government supports and financial resources
  • Counselling: supporting families dealing with grief, stress, family conflict, isolation, and other issues related to having a child with special needs
  • Parent Consultation: parenting education related to child development and diagnosis; understanding behavioural challenges; and addressing safety concerns
  • Advocacy: helping parents develop advocacy skills to help them with the service delivery system including community agencies, school and medical system
  • Caregiver Stress: assisting in identifying causes of stress and adaptive coping strategies; providing education and support regarding caregiver concerns such as isolation and role changes; facilitating linkages to community resources
  • Social Isolation: helping families to connect to other parents facing similar issues. Offering groups that provide support and build a community of families with shared experiences
  • Future Planning Needs: assisting client and family to understand care needs, participate in planning decisions, and for transitions

Our Team

Our Social Work services are provided by social workers with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

We use a life needs model approach and tailor our services to the specific and unique needs of each child and family. We ensure privacy and confidentiality for all our services.

When to reach out for Social Work support

You can make a referral to our Social Work services at any time. Families and children/youth may benefit from social work support at pivotal times such as:

  • Your child has just received a medical diagnosis that indicates long-term developmental issues.
  • You need support to advocate for services or other supports.
  • You need parenting support related to your child’s specific diagnosis or needs.
  • You need help connecting with community and financial resources.
  • You or your family need counseling to help adjust to or better understand a diagnosis and disability.
  • Your child may have a new or pending diagnosis for which you could benefit from more information and/or support.
  • Your child is going to transition to community and/or adult services and you and/or your child/youth could use planning and emotional support.

More Information

Our goal is to empower families to overcome challenges and provide the best possible support to children and youth with special needs. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you need assistance or guidance on this journey.

Every family who receives services or support from KidsAbility for a child from birth to school exit (or up to 21 years of age) are eligible for Social Work services. Getting support from our social work services is voluntary, with the exception of the initial intake interview.

Referral to our Social Work services can be made by parents or child/youth during the initial intake appointment, at an assessment appointment or at any point while they are getting other services from KidsAbility.

KidsAbility therapists working with families and children/youth can also make a referral internally.