25 March 2021

Yesterday, the Ontario Government released the 2021-2022 provincial budget. Included was the announcement of a historic and monumental increased investment of $240 million over four years for children’s rehabilitation across Ontario. This news has been received with much celebration and gratitude at KidsAbility and across our sector. These funds will allow us to begin to address waitlists in the communities we serve and provide children, youth and families with the help that they need sooner.

For over 10 years, our sector has gone without any significant increase in investment to our core services and we have seen and felt the impact of that on our waitlists and our organization. Families are spending far too much time waiting for services that their children and youth need now. We also know that the pandemic has made a difficult situation even worse. This investment is recognition of the fact and we are looking forward to working with our partners in government and in the community to make a noticeable difference.

At KidsAbility, we believe providing early and exceptional family-centred services for the wellbeing of children, youth and families is the most powerful way to build brighter futures. On behalf of our Board, staff, but most importantly, our families, we thank Premier Ford, our Ministers of Provincial Parliament and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services for investing in our children and youth and to Empowered Kids Ontario for their continued advocacy efforts on behalf of our sector and our families.

Linda Kenny | CEO – KidsAbility