22 July 2022

Everyday heroes, big and small, join forces annually in June by donning capes and costumes and embracing their superhero alter-ego in the week-long KidsAbility Superhero Challenge.

Nine-year-old Reilly and her parents jumped at the chance to raise awareness and rally support for KidsAbility, an organization with a special place in their hearts. A preemie at birth and a Cerebral Palsy warrior, Reilly knows how important it is for other children to receive the right support at the right time.

Although she no longer receives services from KidsAbility, Reilly was looking for a challenge to give back. She branded her team “The UniRunners” – to blend together her love of unicorns and staying active – and crushed an eight-kilometre walk aided only by her walker. She added two kilometres to complete her challenge goal, cheered on and surrounded by family, her teachers and her classmates.
“I wanted to help KidsAbility,” shares Reilly. With a confident grin, she adds, “And to show that I can do anything!”

Together with a caring community who supported their goals, 71 fundraisers and 23 teams tapped into their superpowers and set challenge goals to run, walk, or wheel. Many navigated the suggested accessible routes throughout the region mapped specifically for the event.

Each June, KidsAbility Superhero Challenge is made possible by shared values to realize the potential of every child, like that of returning presenting sponsor and Guelph manufacturing company, Linamar Corporation.

The company shares: “Linamar Corporation believes in KidsAbility as we believe in caring for the communities in which we live and operate. Together, we have the opportunity to make a difference, to instill change, to educate and to motivate. We believe in the Power to Perform.”

“The Superhero Challenge is really about building community spirit across the regions we serve to encourage inclusive ways for all to take part,” explains Lisa Talbot, Executive Director, KidsAbility Foundation. “So many individuals, teams, event sponsors and prize providers demonstrated their deep commitment to KidsAbility. Their actions are all about caring for the communities in which they live, work, and play. For that we are so grateful for their support.”

Over $126,000 was raised during the Superhero Challenge to help more local kids and youth benefit from a variety of essential therapy programs and support services at KidsAbility.


At KidsAbility, we believe providing exceptional family-centred services for children and youth is the most powerful way to build brighter futures.

We empower approximately 15,000 children and youth every year by supporting their communication, social, physical, and behavioural goals – whether they have a diagnosis or not.

KidsAbility strengthens families with therapy services, resources, coaching and skills, working with each family to create a plan to make these goals possible using in person and virtual programs and services based on the needs of the child.

The needs in Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington continue to grow. Demand for KidsAbility’s services exceed our resources. More than 2,000 children, youth, and families in the community wait for services they need. Time waiting is time lost in a child’s development.

Donations are critical to provide life-changing therapy, innovative programs and the latest technology for children, youth and families.

KidsAbility Foundation works with generous donors, community foundations, corporations, small businesses, and service clubs to raise awareness and much-needed financial support so that, together, we can meet the continued needs of the community.