3 June 2024

It’s our heart for children, youth, and families at KidsAbility that drive us to provide transformative care and support. But our strength comes from YOU! Here’s how our community Gave a Smile during Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week in 2024:

  • 65,142 Smile Cookies purchased
  • 43 participating stores in Ayr, Kitchener, St Jacobs & Waterloo
  • 66 enthusiastic community volunteers
  • 15 dedicated KidsAbility employee volunteers
  • 16 years as a grateful Charity Partner
  • $130,284 raised (2024)
  • $1.2M lifetime giving total since 2008
Two women hold frosting tubes in their hands. They look down at the cookies they are decorating.

Hand-decorated Smile Cookies across our region always celebrate what make each of us unique, fostering a sense of unity and purpose with our families, donors, volunteers, and employees.

“Volunteering for the Smile Cookie campaign was such a great experience for myself and my colleagues, and the Tim Hortons team was very welcoming and thankful for our help in decorating Smile Cookies. Seeing the community come together and support KidsAbility made it all worthwhile!  I’ll be back to help next year!”

Deanna Johnson, YNCU employee
two woman wear volunteer t-shirts and hold a cookie with a decorated smile.

“Being a part of Smile Cookie Week was not only an incredibly fun way to connect with my KidsAbility team but also the highlight of my day. It was a blast to volunteer alongside Tim Hortons team members, knowing that each cookie we proudly decorated by hand would directly make a difference for the children and families we serve.”  

Melissa, KidsAbility Employee & Volunteer

Year after year, Smile Cookies have become a beloved tradition in our community, fostering a brighter future for kids one Smile at a time! We are incredibly grateful and honoured to be continuously selected as a charity partner and recipient by local Tim Hortons restaurant owners who believe in our mission.

two women hold trays of chocolate chip cookies decorated with smiles

“We are incredibly thankful for the support of our volunteers, Tim Horton’s team members and the shared commitment demonstrated by local restaurant owners who believe in our mission to continuously select KidsAbility as Charity Partner. Their commitment and passion mean the world to us. They are the driving forces behind our success so that, together, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families who benefit from our programs.”

Lisa Talbot, Executive Director KidsAbility Foundation