24 October 2023

It can be hard to imagine a world where every new face or place is a source of fear.

For Everleigh, meeting new people was a terrifying experience until beginning her journey with KidsAbility.

Unable to express her fears verbally, tears and shutdowns were Everleigh’s way of communicating when she was faced with new and unfamiliar situations.

Her parents, Colin and Becca, were determined to help their daughter, coming to KidsAbility in search of answers. At first, they were heartbroken to learn that the overwhelming demand for pediatric services meant missed opportunities for their little girl. But their heartbreak soon turned to hope when therapies became available.

“Everleigh now uses a touchscreen and sight-tracking device to communicate her feelings, ask questions, and even share jokes. She’s navigating KidsAbility classroom tools like the interactive whiteboard and blossoming!”

Becca, Everleigh’s mom

Because of donors like you, families like Everleigh’s witness fears fade away and see friendships grow.

Today, Everleigh embraces every opportunity to interact with her peers. She brings a big smile to the classroom, an infectious giggle during circle time, and explores the outdoors with an adaptive tricycle keeps her upright and secure alongside her friends.

Becca reflects, “Her words on the device have let her shine like the Everleigh we know: cheeky, funny, and social, without us ever having to speak for her.”

Your donation helps kids like Everleigh flourish with friends.