25 October 2023

From the moment she was born, Leigha’s story was filled with unexpected delays in her physical abilities.

But her zest for life was evident from the start of her journey with KidsAbility.

As Leigha grew, a diagnosis of cerebral palsy left parents Tara and Michael grappling for answers. They found the guidance they needed during those uncertain times with KidsAbility.

“Here, we aren’t just another case. We’re family. When you have KidsAbility on your side, it’s like having a team of superheroes with you.”

– Tara and Michael, Leigh’s parents

With a plan personalized for her specific needs, Leigha made quick strides in her progress. From conquering the art of zipping her coat to mastering speech nuances, her success became proof of the transformative power of early intervention, especially as a child with seemingly ‘invisible challenges’.

Thanks to donors like you, families like Leigha’s see a promising future for their little star. 

Behind every leap Leigha takes, there’s an untold story of hard work and her family’s trust in KidsAbility.

Tara beams, “The challenges were many, but so were the victories. Our daughter’s journey is one of resilience, thanks to the commitment of our therapists at KidsAbility.”

Now, Leigha is outgoing and loves the spotlight. She is always happy to perform for others—be it dance, drama or singing. A bright star supported by the right resources and guidance to shine.

Your donation supports stars like Leigha to shine.