25 October 2023

Only months old, Greyson’s medical health took an unexpected turn.

Thanks to KidsAbility’s unwavering support, his parents knew they were in expert hands.

By one, he underwent open heart surgery, and was diagnosed with a largely unknown and rare genetic syndrome. When Greyson’s mom, herself a KidsAbility therapist, received his diagnosis, she could scarcely believe what she heard.

“The day we got his ADNP diagnosis from the geneticist, the weight of it crushed us. It is an extremely rare disease – only 85 cases worldwide.  But the KidsAbility family extended a hand of hope, and together, we navigated a course forward. That mattered. It changed everything.” – Stephanie, Greyson’s mom

Greyson’s progress with KidsAbility is a story of milestones. From intense physio and occupational therapy to strengthen severely poor muscular issues to zooming around on a scooter, Greyson’s journey is one of courage and resilience. From early months with no words to mastering his communication device and then to expressing himself in full sentences, he has consistently shattered expectations.

Families, like Greyson’s, will be supported with the pediatric services and treatments they need, thanks to donors like you.

Stephanie shares, “Greyson’s passion for hockey, his dreams, they’re not just fantasies. Thanks to KidsAbility, he’s out there on the ice, holding that hockey stick, proving every doubter wrong with his newfound independence.” Greyson’s success is what happens when the determined spirit of a little boy meets the unparalleled support of dedicated staff and donors who deeply care.  

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