25 October 2023

A teen with an infectious laugh and a knack for delivering just the right punchline.

A ‘fighter’ from day one, he has beaten overwhelming odds, thanks to his KidsAbility journey. 

Mishi was born prematurely, and the future seemed daunting for his parents, Zdenka and Abraham. Words like “may never walk” clouded the air. Yet, where others saw limitations, KidsAbility saw boundless potential.

“In the midst of our worries, KidsAbility was there for us. They didn’t just provide therapy. They gave us hope. They showed us Mishi’s future filled with promise and achievement.”

Abraham and Zdenka, Mishi’s parents

From those early, tentative steps, supported by dedicated therapists, to now confidently navigating his teen years, Mishi’s milestones are nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to KidsAbility, he’s not only walking but has a passion for sports, and he’s conquering new life skill milestones, like staying home alone and whipping up his favourite dish.

Because of donors like you, families like Mishi’s see a future filled with more opportunities for their teen.

His parents share, “Mishi is a true reflection of that hope we first received, and KidsAbility remains a constant for us.”

Today, Mishi’s world is brighter, larger, and full of opportunities. He’s not just achieving; he’s thriving. His journey is proof that a collective caring community can empower a child to be the best they can be.

Your donation supports confident teens like Mishi to grow independently.